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About us

About us


IDESAZAN ASR AFTAB (LLC) is an intellectual property (IP) firm that provides IP solutions and commercialization for businesses in Iran and around the world. We have a team of IP experts and scientific consultants in the fields of nanotechnology, chemical engineering, mechanical, electrical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and computer hardware and software arts, which enable us to undertake our core focus on patent-related matters.

IDESAZAN was established back in 2010 with an eye on providing high-quality IP services in a manner that makes our clients consider IDESAZAN an in-house team that is in a careful coordination with the clients in every action taken on their behalf. IDESAZAN is available for consulting on all patent-related issues, from obtaining patents to development of a patent portfolio, prosecution and litigation support, patent research and analytics, and novelty evaluations.

IDESAZAN has matured in a short span of time to become one of the finest and leading IP firms in Iran providing patent-related services in the United State, Europe, and China. With its branches in China, IDESAZAN offers technical and legal expertise in China with convenient access to Chinese clients. Our branches are active in Suzhou.

We, the members of IDESAZAN are striving to provide high-quality and cost-effective patent preparation and prosecution services for our clients and to achieve the highest standard of professionalism and integrity.